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View our current month menu and select 9 entrées (full or split – full entrées serve 4 to 6 people and split entrées serve 2-3 people). If you select split entrées – you will receive two portions of each entrée – each portion serving 2-3 people. You can select full or split by entrée.

Once you’ve made your entrée selections, pick a date for delivery from the available dates that will be presented. All deliveries will be on Thursday. Your SupperWorks entrées will be packed in an insulated box with ice packs to keep your order at the correct temperature for up to 60 hours. All deliveries will be shipped on Tuesday at 5pm Eastern time (on rare occasions Wednesday) via Purolater and will require signature on acceptance. For this reason – we advise that you accept the delivery at work where someone will be available to sign for acceptance. Only request delivery at home if you plan to be home to accept and sign on the scheduled date.


open shipping container

All meat and salmon is packed fresh and will still be fresh when delivered. Other fish and seafood is packed frozen and will still be frozen when delivered. Unless you plan on eating your entrée on the evening (or next day) it is delivered, please freeze your entrées when you get home. You will be given a checklist that you can use to track which entrées are still in your freezer.

You will be charged $396.00 plus delivery for your order – that works out to $44.00 per entrée – or $7.33 per serving plus delivery. SupperWorks entrées are a great way to get delicious, nutritious, home cooking on your dinner table – and now you can have them delivered straight to you. No hassle, no preparation time, no clean up and still home cooked by you for you and your family – you’ll be the talk of the dinner table.

Delivery will be at published Purolater rates and is dependent on your Postal Code and distance from Oakville, Ontario where your SupperWorks entrées are prepared. Delivery is automatically calculated when you enter your Postal Code. You can certainly keep the ice packs, which are reusable and should come in handy from time to time.

All orders must be paid via Visa, MC or Amex at the time the order is entered.

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