Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your recipes?

Our recipes are developed by our chef and are then tested and re-tested in our own kitchens.

How much space will I need in my freezer?

Generally about 2 shelves in a standard-sized, upright kitchen refrigerator-freezer.

How should I thaw my entrées?

We recommend defrosting in the refrigerator. Our full-sized entrées can take 2 days to thaw in the fridge. Half portions take one day. Remember to cook the entrées within 2 days of defrosting.

I'm confused about the proper internal temperatures for cooking food safely. Can you help me?

According to current food safety guidelines, the minimum internal cooking temperatures are as follows: Fish 158F/70C; Pork 160F/71C; Whole Poultry 180F/82C; Ground Poultry or Poultry Pieces 160F/74C; all other Ground Meats 160F/71C. A probe-style meat thermometer will easily give you these readings.

What about side dishes?

We always include suggestions for side dishes in our cooking instructions, but if you’re really pressed for time, we’re big believers in bagged salads and dips and pre-cut fruits or vegetables.

I’ve never particularly enjoyed cooking. What makes this different?

At SupperWorks, we “weed out” the less enjoyable aspects of cooking- like meal planning, frantic shopping trips, washing, peeling, chopping, the “after-work-what-should-we-have-for-dinner” dilemma, and most of the mess. We “add in” some music, camaraderie, helpful staff who clean up after you, the satisfaction of preparing delicious and nutritious meals, and the time to enjoy them with friends and family. We take the work out of supper. That’s what makes us different.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept payment using either VISA, MasterCard or American Express.


If you have any additional questions, please CONTACT US.

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